Just getting started

Complete EDI, B2B and API solution for frictionless partner communication

EDI can be tricky, intimidating and risky. The PartnerLinQ team comes from an EDI and ERP design/implementation background. We know both parts of the equation. Our outsourcing delivery model allows end users to focus on their core competencies while their trading community transactions are handled by experts.

Provider limitations

Many EDI solutions are inflexible, focused on one type of industry, or simply incomplete. PartnerLinQ is designed with flexibility in mind. Our architecture aligns with your workflow, where many other providers dictate or restrict it.

EDI straining resources

After moving to elegant managed-service cloud ERPs, many end users discover that EDI requirements are the largest consumer of their organization’s technical resources. Matching your EDI solution provider’s delivery model to your ERP’s delivery model can eliminate this imbalance.

Outgrown current B2B solution

EDI solutions designed for less sophisticated EDI campaigns often become cumbersome and slow down when your business matures, expands, and needs it the most. Today’s emphasis on drop shipping and the use of 3PLs exponentially add to this effect, exceeding the capacity of some software solutions. PartnerLinQ is designed to meet requirements of any scale and help cover the latest B2B scenarios involving APIs and data formats other than EDI.

Moving from Dynamics AX to 365

Dynamics AX and Dynamics 365 are not the same ERP. There are many changes that affect the design, communications, and model of a suitable EDI service provider. Delivery model and ERP competence are key. Others in our space simply redirect the same software that they have been selling for 20 years. On-premises or co-located software offerings aren’t a fit for elegant cloud or managed-service ERP delivery.

Not getting the service level that you require

This is a common complaint that businesses have with their EDI solution providers. Your EDI vendor may become stagnant and lose the support excellence that they once had. With our delivery model, support is our number-one focus. PartnerLinQ’s team doesn’t just sell you a software and hope for the best… we are intimately involved in its day-to-day operations. We design, implement, and configure your environment for maximum efficiency, and our service levels guarantee that all issues are rectified before they impact operations.

EDI spend too high or lacks flexibility

With seasonal businesses, drop-ship reliant businesses, and 3PL usage, some pricing models can make your monthly bills extremely painful. Our flexible pricing takes into account many different business models and accommodates their high volume-generating aspects.